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Born in New Boston TX, Levallois spent most of his younger years growing up in Texarkana TX, with his two younger brothers, mother and step father. He came from a family who attended church regularly, which is where he developed a love for music. He began his journey as a drummer for the church and later on begin to write songs at the age of twelve. Levallois started out writing music as a hobby but later it became theraputic. 

In his adolecents years , he experienced a season of family dysfunction, anger, violence, homelessness and suicidal ideation. To create a new start, his family decided to pack up and move to Killeen TX in 2004. Levallois decided to remain back in Texarkana and chose to live with a close friend until he was later suspended from school and was forced to unite with his family in Killeen. For Levallois, trouble seemed inescapable and at 14 years old he was arrested and spent a few nights in Bell County Juvenile Detention Center. Two months after being released, he entered the Foster Care System along with his siblings, where he spent three years living with other families. It was during this time of isolation that he experienced spiritual enlightment and as a result, he started using his music to share hope with others and tell his story of redemption which later caused him to be known locally as the "Christian rapper with the beard". 

His passion to spread hope throughout his community has led him to being recognized and awarded best gospel artist two consecutive years in a row at the Killeen Music Award in 2009 & 2010. He has since been a featured artist during SXSW, made television appearances on the IMPACT Network in Detroit, sharing his music with over 80 millions viewers. Levallois has also shared the stage and opened for stellar award artist Da'T.r.u.t.h, Myron Butler, FLAME, V-Rose, SPEC, Bizzle, and has featured on international artist Dee-1''s Slingshot David Tour. Though Levallois has seen a few accomplishments as an independent artist. His passion deeply lies within working with local youth and seeing their lives transformed. Levallois is not just "another rapper" He's a mentor, a servant leader, husband, father and activist, whose heavily involved in his community and is the founder of the "Free My City" movement.

"where there is no love,there will be no power, where there is no power, there will be no change" -Levallois



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